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In just minutes you can gain access to a Nutrition Plan that you can really follow, really stick to, and that really works... Designed by a BUSY Mom, made for a BUSY Mom."

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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve tried lots of diets before but they really didn’t include the foods YOU like to eat
  • A lot of meal plans require you to buy their special food products and supplements rather than teaching you how to eat “real” food
  • You don’t have time to follow complicated, time consuming plans
  • Finding time to cook and eat healthy sometimes seems impossible
  • You know you should be eating healthier but with so much information out there you don’t quite know what to do or where to start

Tell Me About It! Been There, Felt ALL of That Before!

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Dear Busy Mom,

My name is Kristine Louis and I’m on a mission to help as many moms as possible just like you, and I’m doing it for 3 reasons:

(1) I want you to  lead a healthier and happier life and have a positive impact on your family;

(2) I want you to feel good about your body again, and

(3) I know my plans work! Real Results for REAL people (not just models and celebs on TV)

You Can Begin Looking And Feeling Great RIGHT AWAY!

I have kids that are 8.5 years apart! So I’m doing the Kindergarten thing and the High School thing at the same time. That means I’m doing all the things that you are: going to soccer games, attending in-school activities, going to numerous birthday parties, helping my oldest navigate through the High School freshman process, you know the drill. [If my 5 year old tells me about another commercial for the next generation of Pillow Pets or Happy Nappers I’m going to scream!]

Oh, did I mention that I’m the 7th & 8th grade girls Sunday School teacher at my church, and, of course, I’m running my own business.

Whew! That seems like a lot, and I know you have your own version of this.  But, it’s definitely been manageable. And what makes it even more manageable is not having to wonder “what’s for dinner”.

Once you have children you often become the last priority on your list. Months and years could go by and because you didn’t take time for yourself you wind up 20 pounds, or more, overweight and feel really yucky.

The longer you wait to address the problem, the further and further you fall into the sea of sluggishness and feeling really crappy about yourself.

Time continues to go by, and you wake up one day and you really don’t recognize yourself at all, but yet, this is the “You ” that you will accept for the next 50 years plus.

I know you realize the gravity of the situation. I know you realize that the longer you take to get active and eat healthy the longer it’s going to take to see change.

The more time that passes the less likely you will ever lose that stubborn “baby” fat.

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Maybe you feel the same way that some of my most successful clients have felt:

“Every week I hear about a different food that’s bad for me. What the heck can I eat that won’t kill me!!!”

“Trying to lose weight feels so overwhelming that I don’t feel like my body will ever change.”

What if I told you that I have the perfect plan for a mom who doesn’t look forward to fixing complicated meals? And what if I told you that this plan is so easy to do that losing weight will finally be an enjoyable and gratifying experience? But best of all, what if I told you that you were meant to be healthy and eating whole foods versus processed foods is what your body really wants and I can easily equip you to do this.

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My meal plans work!

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Figure Meal Plan clients

See, I’ve designed meal plans for many years. Creating diverse meal plans suitable for a wide range of clients. From mommy Figure competitors to school teachers, I’ve done it all. And each meal plan is customized for each individual client and is structured around their particular goals.


Here’s What My CUSTOMIZED Meal Plan Will Do For You:

  • Give you the mental and physical energy that you’re longing for.
  • Teach you what healthy food options are and what they aren’t.
  • Help you lose that “baby” fat
  • Have the security of trusting an expert who is not just trying to sell you supplements and food bars.

Now I Know What You May Be Thinking…

You’ve tried other plans but they really didn’t address your specific needs. What makes this one different?

Well the Body After Baby Lifestyle Customized Meal Plan is specifically made just for you; incorporating the foods that YOU like and the foods that work well for you.

The Body After Baby Lifestyle meal plan gives you quick meal and snack options so you don’t have to spend an entire day in the kitchen if that’s not your thing. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by trying this plan today.

Think about what could happen if you DON’T do this now.

black baby crying The #1 Customized Nutrition Solution for Busy MomsBy pushing this back again you run the risk of taking yet another year to get that weight off.

So, what will happen if you put this off? How will you feel in 6 months from now knowing that you could have reached your goals and be done with this area of your life? I know that you care about how you look and feel or else you wouldn’t be here right now.

The question is… how serious are you about feeling terrific right away?

If You Are Sick And Tired Of Feeling Sick And Tired,
Today Could Be A Life Changer For You!

With the Body After Baby Lifestyle Customized Meal Plan, Here’s What You Get:

  • A 15 minute consultation to review your nutritional assessment
  • A 3-Day customized nutrition plan that’s tailored to your needs, tailored to your lifestyle, and is based on your current weight and fitness level. You don’t have to worry about what, or how much to eat to lose the weight.
  • A substitution list so you have a variety of options to choose from
  • The assurance that what you get, WILL WORK, if you work it girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why a 3-Day Meal Plan?
A: Who wants to, or has time to, create a completely new meal every single day.  A 3-Day Meal Plan is designed for leftovers (a mom’s best friend). Depending on how many portions you prepare, you can create multiple meals around three basic days.

Q: How does the substitution list work?
A: You will be given a food list that is divided into columns representing the different food groups. You can choose different foods to replace the original foods on your plan. Protein for protein. Carbs for carbs…

Q: One thing that I thrive on is encouragement, support and accountability. How can I receive support and accountability after purchasing my meal plan?
A: There is an available option of adding two 20-minute accountability coaching calls to give you that additional support that you thrive on. That option is available below.

If You Want To Take Back Control Of Your Life, Your Body And Your Health,
Then You Must Take Advantage Of This Incredible Limited Time Offer Right Away

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BONUS:  Because I really want to see you give yourself the health and vitality that you deserve, I would like to gift to you a FREE 15 Minute PRIVATE Q & A call where I can give you additional healthy lifestyle techniques and answer your most pressing questions.

“Yes Kristine! I want my CUSTOMIZED MEAL Plan RIGHT NOW!”


  1. Customized Meal Plan – $67
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  2. Customized Meal Plan + Accountability/ Support Calls – $137
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Other moms are enjoying the benefits of the Body After Baby Lifestyle Meal Plan…Why Not You?

I understand I am getting a customized plan designed for busy moms just like me by someone who knows what my body needs. I am ready to give up the ongoing weight battle and finally become a happier, healthier me!

Get your plan today!

Be Well Momma,

Kristine Louis

PS  “Don’t forget about how you’re going to look and feel if you do this for yourself today. The longer you keep putting this off,  the  harder it’s going to be to get started. If you start now, you will feel an immediate sense of accomplishment. Take the step that could change your life forever! “